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Self Determination Program

06 January, 2020

Bharatiya Seva Sadan’s Smt. R. D. G. College, Akola organized ‘Mai program’ for the students of B.A, B.COM, B.B.A, B.C.A, B.SC, M.A, M.COM & M.SC. Honorable President of the society Shri.  Diliprajji Goenka has taken this interactive session by considering the vision of college ‘Empowerment of Women through Economic Independence for Betterment of Society’. The main focus of this theme is’ How to live your life in your own way”. While delivering the lecture, he has focused on the importance of time management, career opportunities in various areas, techniques of earning money and saving, various investment options available etc. Similarly, he has also expanded the ideas on firm determination, hidden qualities and self protection.

He urged the students to take maximum utilization of time in their day to day life.

This is fourth year of ‘Mai Workshop’. During this guiding session Honorable Principal, Dr. D.N. Vyas & Co-ordinator Of Mai program Dr. A.B. Pande were present there. Besides this, the HOD of Home Science Dr. Anjali Rajwade, The HOD of Art Dr. Archana Ambhore, Dr. Vinod Khaire, Vice Principal Of NGC Prof Parimal Mujumdar , Co-ordinator of IQAC Prof. Sanjay Vite & Dr. Rupa Gupta also present. Finally, the students of all the departments were actively participated and responded.


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