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Research Books

Books written By Faculty

Sr.No. Name of the Faculty Journals Chapters in Book Conference/ Proceedings
01 Dr. K. Dhore Anemia in Adolescent Girls 978-81-922652-2-3 Sole Author
02 Mrs. S. Gaiki Pushppa Rachanetun Udyojakatekade 978-81-924365-6-2 Sole Author
03 Dr. A. Rajwade e/kqesg vkf.k vkgkj 978-81-922652-1-6 Sole Author
04 Dr. A. Rajwade Nutritional Way 2 Intelligent and Healthy Baby 978-81-922652-0-9 Sole Author
05 Dr. A. Rajwade Seminar Souvenir FIAHSCU 2014 978-81-922652-4-7 Editor